Nano crystalline core for GFCI


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Product Description

The Nano crystalline Cores For Leakage Circuit Breakers may be provided in the form of toroidal or sports-shaped entangles core. The material for Nano crystalline Cores For Leakage Circuit Breakers is brittle and needs protection to prevent mechanical forces, It is provided by a plastic core or a suitable heat-resistant coating. Once Coated or boxed, the core is very strong, the main magnetic properties Highly linear and less dependent on temperature. In one aspect, the strip material limits the diversity of the shape of the mechanical core, but is limited The geometry of other hand-variable ring cores can be obtained at low processing costs. Of The current core size ranges from about 10 mm to more than 300 mm from the outside diameter diameter. Basically, spaces or cut cores should also be available, however These options are not currently available as a standard on the market.


  • High initial permeability, High output voltage, core size saving.
  • Low core loss, Good tolerance ability for large current impulse, Good protection of tripping of high current
  • High Curie temperature, Good temperature stability(-55℃~130℃)
  • Competitive price


  • Electronic Leakage Circuit Breakers
  • Electromagnetic Leakage Circuit Breakers
Nanocrystalline cores Permallloy cores
Saturation magnetic induction Bs(T) 1.20 0.70
Initial Permeability(GS/Oe) 50000~100000 50000~100000
Maximum permeability(GS/Oe) >300000 >200000
Remanency Br(T) 0.1 0.4
Coercivity(A/m) <1.6 <0.8
Density(g/cm3) 7.3 8.8
Stacking factor >0.75 >0.88
Specifications and electric parameters
Core size Finished size AC performance 1
9.1×12.1×3.8 7.8×13.4×5.0 0.058-0.088@24.7mA
9.5×12.8×3.2 7.0×14.6×4.8 0.05-0.08@24.6mA
8.9×12.9×16.7 6.7×14.9×19.3 1.0-1.7@30mA
10×17×20 7.9×19.2×22.5 ≥1.9@45mA
11.5×18.5×16.7 10.0×22.0×19.3 1.19-1.78@33.3mA
14×19×3.2 12.3×21.5×5.4 0.07-0.12@22.5mA
15×18.6×4.5 13.3×20.6×6.6 0.06-0.09@24.6mA
14×22×16.7 11.8×24.2×19.3 ≥1.9@70mA
8.9/12.9*17 - 1.4-2@30mA
9/13.2*17 - 1.34-2.1@37mA
13.5/22*20 - 3.09-5.1@59.1mA

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