IOT Enabled Systems

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Concept and Application

The IOT based module is a collaboration of 2 modules in one. This allows the user to access the data from anywhere around the world as the sensor data is directly fed to the server allocated for the module. These types can be placed in remote locations and the data can be fetched very easily. The module has the power to transmit 5 to 6 sensor datas to the server, thus we also include the temperature, moisture(humidity), air speed sensor(optional), self battery charging system inclusive of battery level sensor along with our current sensor.

IOT Enabled System

A 5 V 2 A DC power is required for the module to run efficiently. It can be either provided by the Li+ ion batteries as shown below or simply connecting it to the mains via a type c adapter.

The module includes its own Li+ ion batteries with self level indicating system and self recharging system (provided it is always wired to the mains via an adapter). This would also allow the module to have a backup and work even when the mains supply are down.

The module can not only send data but also receive instructions from the user. For example, a wind turbine is rotating at very high due to fast moving air, in a remote location. The high rotational speed would lead to the turbine to break apart. The module can sense the air speed and the user can apply brakes/ stop the turbines, as the module would provide a warning for high speed alert.

IOT Enabled System transmission

The data transmission rate can be programmed by the user as per the needs. In order to receive real time data from the current sensor, the transmission can be set to once per every sec whereas for temperature or moisture sensor, the transmission rate can be fixed to once per every 30 seconds. And the battery indication for once every 10 minutes and so on.

The module is powered via usb type c cable or directly via header pin provided on the board for simplicity. It requires a 2G data plan enabled sim card and a private server to dump and fetch data. Current ESP32 sim 800L module only has 2G capabilities, but for such a small amount of data it is more than enough.

IOT Enabled System with Capabilities