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Co-NETIC® AA wire is widely used in fabrication of magnetic shielding braid to certain customer specifications where our stock Co-NETIC® AA Cable Shield may not be specified. Four stock diameters are available.

Wire meets military specification MIL-N-14411, Comp 1.

Co-NETIC® AA wire is corrosion resistant and has an affinity for solder.

CO-NETIC® AA Wire Model
Item # Item Name Diameter AWG Packing type Length Price
WC-005 Wire 0.005 inch Dia. 0.005 inch 36 Spool Sold per lb Quote
WC-025 Wire 0.025 inch Dia. 0.025 inch 22 Spool Sold per lb Quote
WC-040 Wire 0.040 inch Dia. 0.040 inch 18 Spool Sold per lb Quote
WC-080 Wire 0.080 inch Dia. 0.080 inch 12 Spool Sold per lb Quote