Cement & Steel industry background

India is the 2nd largest cement & steel producer all over the world, because of increasing demand in construction industries, this has therefore increased the demand of high quality products made by all the big players of steel and cement producers.

Therefore to sustain the quality, PML with its 60years of experience is supplying high end magnetic separators, which basically removes the ferrous impurities throughout the manufacturing process.

Please find a brief description of PML products which are mostly used in the cement & steel industry.

Magnetic filter

Magnetic filter is the preferred product which is used in liquid & semi liquid process lines. The high power magnetic elements (rods) present in it are able to catch fine iron particles also from the product. The construction is in SS , and provides good corrosion resistance.

Magnetic grill

Magnetic grills are preferably used for dry powder or granular like products. It also contains high power magnetic rods which are able to catch fine iron articles. Available in square & round shape which makes it easier to place into the material feeding hoppers.

Magnetic drum separator

It is the ideal separator to use where self cleaning of iron impurity is required. Suitable for continuously running production. Available in high power i.e 4500 Gauss. Effectively separates small (e.g. staple pins, wire thread, broken washer etc).

Magnetic rod

This is the same rod which is used in magnetic grill, filter, drawer grill, chute etc.Can be used where space is less. Available in 12000 Gauss power also. Ideal to use for inspection purposes to check iron presence in the product. SS construction, safe for food products.

Magnetic chute

Magnetic chutes are used for products which are sticky in nature. The pointed magnetic rod present in it does not allow material bridging hence facilitates the material to flow without clogging. Designed to use in vertical pipelines. SS body construction.Door is provided for easy cleaning.

Magnetic Hump

The Z type design helps to break lumps & facilitate to trap embedded iron material from the product. SS 304 & SS 316Stainless steel construction. The High power magnetic plates are hinged type & can be easily cleaned periodically. Most preferable for high volume poor flowing or abrasive materials

Suspended Permanent Magnet

Suspended permanent magnet is preferred to use on a conveyor belt. It is hanged on the conveyor with the help of chain slings to catch any tramp iron (nut, bolt, rods, angle, plates) present in the material which can damage the crusher or blender. Flux density: 1500 ± 200 gauss. The maximum operating temperature

Magnetic Pulley

Magnetic pulley is used in conveyor belt. It is installed at the discharge end of the conveyor. It help of chain slings to catch any tramp iron (nut, bolt, rods, angle, plates) present in the material. Available in two variants i.e. High intensity with Flux density of 4500 +/-500 Gauss & Low intensity

Magnetic Plate

Magnetic plate is used to install in the ducts to catch any iron particle present in the flowing material. Magnetic plates are preferable where the flow rate is higher & iron is not fine (micron size) particles. It can effectively catch nails, pins, wire threads, broken blades etc from raw material.