CAN Enabled System

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Concept and Application

Controller Area Network (or CAN) is the latest communication system within the automotive world. At its simplest level, it can be thought of as a means of linking all of the electronic systems within a car together to allow them to communicate with each other.

As computerisation within a car increases, so does the number of different electronic systems. The information recorded and processed by each one is often used by one or more (other components) hence the requirement for a standardised means of quickly passing information between them. This requirement led to the development of CAN.

Our current sensing technology can fit in the electric automotive industry for battery, usage monitoring. The can system would allow it to communicate with other components in the vehicle via a main computer. The protocol for the priority of the sensors can be programmed in the computer. This module allows the user/electric vehicle user to know the range they can travel to, the amount of energy they are consuming including recharging and discharging (Allows the user to calculate efficiency on board),etc.

Our current sensor is a combination of two sensors for accurate current measuring. It accommodates a hall sensor as well as a shunt. Thus, the name of this module, hall shunt module.