A module is a board-level circuit that integrates a system function in a single module. It may integrate digital and analog functions on a single board.

PML has designed current sensing modules, Battery Monitoring System modules, Clamp On modules, IOT based clamp on modules and CAN enabled current sensor modules wherever measurement is required for revenue generation or feedback control mechanism or monitoring.

The current can be measured by a Hall Sensor IC accompanied with Flux concentrator,Shields, Shunt, Current Transformer or Rogowski Coil for higher accuracy and reliability. Our Modules are integrated assemblies of current sensors incorporating Flux Concentrators, Shunts, Hall Sensors, Temperature sensors, CAN and IOT. The modules like IOT enabled Clamp on modules can also provide data fetching from anywhere around the world.


  • Current sensing is widely used in industries like EV/HEV, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Safety, Energy meters etc.
  • Battery management systems (BMS) modules are widely used in EV/HEV, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense etc.
  • CAN enabled current sensing modules are widely used in Automotive industries and aerospace applications.
  • The IOT enabled Clamp on are widely used in EV/HEV, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Safety, Energy meters, and provide a major benefit in long range data fetching for renewable energy industries.