Nanocrystalline cores for CBCT Application

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Product Description

Core Balance Current Transformer or CBCT is a ring-type or rectangle- type current transformer through the center of which a three core cable or three single core cables (forms the primary winding) of three phase system passes. This type of current transformer is normally used for earth fault protection for low and medium voltage systems.

Operating principle

When the system is fault-free, no current flows in the secondary of the CBCT. When there is an earth fault, the residual current (zero phase sequence current) of the system flows through the secondary of the CBCT and this operates the earth fault relay. Therefore, it is also called the Zero Sequence Current Transformer (ZSCT).

Operating principle drawing Operating principle


Nanocrystalline cores offers benefits of
  • Compact design
  • Reliable
  • Low Core Loss
  • Accurate
  • Flexible Design
  • Highly sensitive - Detects leakage current from 5mA
  • Reducing Eddy Current Loss
  • Cost Effective
  • Light in Weight

Operating Current : Range 25mA - 30A

Current Ratio 1/1000, 1/600 any other on request

Suitable for Inner diameter to suit max. cross-section/phase cable size and assuming 3P + N copper cables

I.D =25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 95mm, 120mm, 210mm, 240mm, 310mm, 400mm, 500mm

Rated Operational Current range : 65A to 400A

Operating frequency 50-60Hz

Max. rated system voltage 720V AC

Available is Core form or Copper wound form.

core-with-copper-wound core-with-copper-wound-plastic