Magnetic Rota Grid Separator

Product Description

The high intensity Magnetic Rota Grid Separator has been specially designed to trap / separate the fine iron contamination from the sticky material or from the material with some amount of moisture content. These are used in Food, Chemical & Pharma industries.

Generally, sticky powdered material is not free flowing material & forms lumps. These lumps lead to bridging phenomenon thereby blocking further flow of material when fixed type rod grids are used. The Magnetic Rota Grid separator overcomes this deficiency as the Rota Grid assembly rotates & does not allow the material to form lumps / Bridge.

All powders & granular type materials can also be processed through the unit effectively


Magnetic Assembly comprises of centrally mounted Rota grid. Rota grid is an assembly of magnetic rods arranged around periphery. This rota grid assembly is co axially mounted on a rotating shaft. All this assembly is enclosed in a Housing.

The rota grid assembly is directly mounted on gear drive. The gear drive assembly is outside the housing. Please see the below image of assembly.

drawing for Magnetic rota grid system


High Intensity Magnetic Rota Grid System Permissible Max. Operating Temp. 80ᵒC

(Peak flux density value 11,000 ±500 Gauss, When measured on magnetic pole surface)
High Intensity Magnetic Rota Grid Separator
Model No Inlet / Outlet Dia.(mm) Total HT.(mm) kW Rating No. of Magnetic Elements
MRGS - 1 150 400 0.37 5
MRGS - 2 200 450 0.37 6
MRGS - 3 250 500 0.37 7
MRGS - 4 300 550 0.37 9
MRGS - 5 350 600 0.37 10
MRGS - 6 400 650 0.37 13
Dimensions of Inlet & Outlet Connecting Flanges
Model No Flanges O.D.(mm) Hole Dia.(mm) No of Holes Hole PCD(mm) Flange THK.(mm)
MRGS - 1 279.4 22.2 8 241.3 6
MRGS - 2 342.9 22.2 8 298.4 6
MRGS - 3 406.4 25.4 12 361.9 6
MRGS - 4 482.6 25.4 12 431.8 6
MRGS - 5 533.4 28.6 12 476.2 6
MRGS - 6 596.9 28.6 16 539.7 6

Note :

  • Customized designs of Magnetic Rota grid separator are available.
  • Magnetic Rota grid separators are also available with peak 10000 Gauss for operating temperature up to 150ᵒC & with peak 9000 Gauss up to 200ᵒC.

Working Principle

The inlet of the Magnetic Rota grid separator is connected to the duct or hopper through which material will enter in to the separator (Please refer the above schematic drg). Further the material will fall on to the rotating Magnetic Rota Grid which is driven by the motor. Rota grid separates / traps the iron contamination embedded into the lumps of material.

Due to rotating mechanism, Rota grid does not allow the material to bridge or form lumps. This facilitates the flow of material & it easily comes out from the outlet of the separator.

The iron contamination will stick on to the the Magnetic rods of Rota grid & the OK material can be collected from the outlet . 


To clean, simply open the door of housing & unlock the grid mounting nut. Take out the magnetic Rota Grid from the housing. Now swipe the all contamination from the magnetic rods with the help of cloth.

Product Features

  • Best suitable for processing stick material.
  • High power Rare earth (NdFeb) magnets with peak 10500 Gauss on poles of magnetic rod.
  • This effectively catches the micron level iron contamination.
  • These are available with MOC of either SS304 or SS316.