Hand Magnet / Scrap Collector



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PML Hand Magnet are ergonomically designed to separate scattered ferrous particles such as nails, wires, washer, bolt, nut, etc from shop-floor, edgy cornered areas, foundry, scrap, and many more places

The high-intensity NdFeB (Rare Earth) Magnet are encased in a steel flat body with the handle to form a magnetic circuit.

This magnetic circuit than helps to trap ferrous particles from the said places. PML Hand Magnet is also available with Ferrite Magnet.

Hand Magnet can be used in a wide range of fields for machining, casting, food & pharma industries, chemical processing, etc. or for collecting the iron pieces scattered on the floor or mixed in the medium for putting another operation.

Besides this is conveniently applied to a wide range of users in selecting and collecting iron powder from powder and granule materials even for household and educational uses.


  • Ease of access
  • No maintenance
  • A stable and strong magnet is built-in with the light operation and easy handling.
Model Magnet Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Holding Capacity (kgs) Gauss Value Self Weight (kgs)
HMF - 1 Ferrite 201
26 2 1,000+_200 3
HMN - 2 NdFeb 203
21 4 4,500+_200 4