INTER-8® Weave Cable

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Current-carrying conductors can be the cause, or be affected by, electromagnetic interference. Twisted pair cable has been PML MS widely used and is superior to parallel conductors, but is of limited effectiveness in reducing electromagnetic radiation. INTER-8® Weave Cable provides substantial improvement over the performance of a conventional twisted pair. INTER-8® weave cable consists of four separate conductors braided into interlocking loops and is a field-proven design of Permanent Magnets Limited.

Four Types of Cable

The basic INTER-8® weave cable is UN-shielded. It is available with PVC insulation, or ETFE high temperature insulation. For additional shielding, both are also available with an outer braided shield, made of Permanent Magnets Limited proprietary Co-NETIC® AA high permeability wire, to provide ultimate magnetic shielding. Shielded options are covered with an outer Jacket.

INTER-8® Weave Cable
Item # Item Name Shield Jacket Insulation Conductors AWG Coating PML Sell price per ft in Rs.: Ex-works PML (Freight + taxes extra)
1 ft. 25 ft. 50 ft. 100 ft. 250 ft. 500+ ft.
MT-24 INTER-8® PVC Insulated None None PVC 7 Strands 32 24 Tinned 70 63 53 48 44 38
MT-24T INTER-8® ETFE Insulated None None ETFE 19 Strands 36 24 Tinned 205 193 169 160 147 135
MTH-24 INTER-8® PVC Insulated, with shield Co-NETIC® Black PVC 7 Strands 32 24 Tinned 679 642 570 542 495 423
MTH-24T INTER-8® ETFE Insulated, with shield Co-NETIC® Red ETFE 19 Strands 36 24 Tinned 879 827 728 686 625 531