Overmolded Busbar and Assemblies

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An over-molded busbar is a type of busbar where a layer of insulating material is molded over the conductive metal core. This insulating layer provides protection against electrical shocks and environmental factors, such as moisture and vibrations.

Over-molded busbars are commonly used in applications where space is limited and where enhanced safety and reliability are required. Over-molded busbars offer a versatile and reliable solution for various electrical connectivity challenges across different industries, combining the benefits of efficient power distribution with enhanced safety and protection.

General application

  • Automotive Electronics: Connects components like sensors, control modules, and actuators, preventing short circuits and ensuring reliable performance in challenging automotive environments.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Links power electronics components in solar inverters and wind turbines, protecting against harsh outdoor conditions for long-term reliability.
  • Industrial Equipment: Provides space-saving and robust electrical connections in machinery and control panels, distributing power and signals efficiently.
  • Consumer Electronics: Streamlines internal wiring in appliances and smart gadgets, enhancing safety and durability with a molded insulation layer.

PML Offerings

  1. PML offers customized over-molded busbar assemblies as per customer design.
  2. Our in-house facilities enable us to offer our customers rapid prototyping for testing and trial purposes. Also, allowing us to handle the low-volume, high-volume, and blanket order production with efficiency.
  3. Our lead times are quoted on a job-by-job basis, and we offer emergency and rush services to meet urgent project timelines.
  4. We work mainly with various metal like copper and aluminum and their grades, with thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm.
  5. We also provide various surface finishes like electroplated Tin, Nickel, Silver, powder-coated, etc.
  6. We work with various plastic materials like Polyethylenimine (PEI), Polyphenlyene Sulfide (PPS),Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) , Polyoxymethylene (POM), Polyethylene (PE), Nylon (PA) and all the other engineering grades.
  7. The assemblies that we manufacture can be a combination of busbars with clinched inserts, cores, concentrators, etc that facilitate customers to use them directly in our assemblies.
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