Table Type Demagnetizer (KMD-15C)



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Product Description

Table type demagnetizers Produce an alternating field on the surface or space using an AC power source. When workpieces are brought close to find and away from this field, the magnetism remaining in these workpieces is removed.

Table type demagnetizer frontviewdemagnetizer-KMD-frontview-drawing


  • Power source : Single phase 230 v AC +/- 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Capacity : 140 / 120 V A (0.6 / 0.5 A)
  • Power consumption : 20 / 14 W
  • Working rate : 100% ED
  • Effective demagnetizing width (york width) : 80mm, Continuous duty
  • Mass :5 Kg
  • Working environment : indoor, room temperature ( Below 40 c)
  • Color: Purple ( Wrinkle)


  • Durable
  • Compact light weight units
  • Quality assured
  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimum performance
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Strong AC demagnetizing field.
  • Thick workpieces can be demagnetized effectively by passing the front and rear side over the demagnetizer.
  • These demagnetizers have good heat radiation and can withstand continuous power application.

Principle of operation of Demagnetizer

Once magnetism-applied equipment is used on workpieces, magnetism remains in them even after the equipment is removed. The demagnetizer is used to eliminate this residual magnetism. It is generally considered that substances show magnetic property when magnetic domains ( very small magnets ) in substances have a certain direction. Therefore, the principle of the demagnetizer is to make the direction of these magnetic domains irregular (magnetic domains face in various directions). Then the magnetic domains cancel each other, making the whole substance lose the magnetic property.

Demagnetization can be achieved by applying a damping alternating field to substances . an alternating field can be obtained easily by using a commercial alternating power source as a power source of the demagnetizer.

How to use?

Turn on the power switch. An alternating field is produced by the demagnetizer.

Slowly move a workpiece to be demagnetized over the demagnetizing surface as specified in the direction of it. Note that point should be 20 cm or more from the end of the demagnetizer. When the workpiece has been moved away from the demagnetizer by this distance, demagnetization is completed successfully.



These demagnetizers are very powerful and can demagnetize steel materials such as high speed steel, bearing steel, nickel-chrome steel, spring steel, die steel, etc. which are difficult to demagnetize by standard demagnetizers (since these steels have the property similar to magnetic steel which retains residual magnetism and is hard to remove)

  • Used for removing surface residual magnetism from different types of components and tools.
  • To demagnetize lapping and honing tools.
  • In different types of powder metallurgical processes.
  • Used in areas which involve sensors for e.g. eddy current sensor reacts to magnetism
  • Useful for demagnetizing drills, taps, cutters.
  • Can be effectively used for any magnetized materials like punches, dies, grinded plates, bearings etc.
  • Remove magnetism from hardened tools, dies, cutters etc.
  • Large quantities of hardened materials after grinding held on magnet chuck can be demagnetized.
  • Mounted at output of high speed grinding machines in bearing/roller making units.
  • Can demagnetize punches and tools quickly.
  • Can be fitted between roller tables.
  • Can be incorporated into a conveyor system to enable continuous operation irrespective of size and shape of workpiece.


  • Increase tool life
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase quality
  • Table model unit effectively used for tools and dies

Area of application

  • Tool Room and standard Room, Press Shop, Assembly line etc.
  • Can be used in a line production process.