About PML

Permanent Magnets Limited, PML in short is a listed company. PML is part of Taparia Group. PML manufactures and provides solutions and components to varied industries like Automobiles (ICE and EV/HEV), Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Safety, Energy meters.

In order to keep abreast of latest manufacturing technologies PML had technical collaborations with “Centro Magneti Permanenti” (Italy) in 1973, with Dowa Mining (Japan) and Sumitomo (Japan) in 1983. In the recent past, PML and mag Lab (Switzerland) have collaborated together for the development and commercialization of innovative products.

Today, PML operates through the 4 divisions viz. Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies, Hiperm, Shunts, and Current Transformers

Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies:

PML is among the leading producers of Alnico Cast Magnets and Yoke Assemblies in the world. PML’s magnets are utilized extensively in key business sectors like electronics, power meters, automobile industries, telecommunication, defense, space research, aeronautics, rail transport and power generation.

PML is the leading Magnetic Assemblies maker in India offering a broad range of Industrial Application Magnetic Devices like Magnetic Separators and Filters to split out iron along with other magnetic impurities, Magnetic Lifters to lift alloy plates, sheets and various other metallic products and Magnetic Holding Devices to execute grinding along with other machining actions.


Dedicated to manufacturing of soft magnetic alloy components such as flux concentrator, Shields, Cores, Relays.

With unique in house facilities like High Speed Punching and Stacking Power Presses, Dry Hydrogen heat treatment furnaces PML delivers to almost all major international and domestic players in Electricity metering, Electric and Hybrid Automotive, medical, Aerospace, Defence industries.

Internationally acclaimed measurement equipment such as Koerzimat, B-H Loop Plotter, Flatness testers etc enables to maintain top notch quality of the products being delivered.

Shunts :

PML shunts, shunt assemblies and brass terminals are widely used in Energy meters, Gas meters, Conventional and Electric Vehicles.

Nano-crystalline and amorphous Cores, Current Transformers (CTs):

PML energy meter CTs and nano-crystalline and amorphous cores are used in energy meter and other applications.