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Product Description

Magnetic Sheet Floaters are great sheet handling tools. By using the Magnetic Sheet Floater, the users can easily separate one sheet from a stack of sheets without getting their hands dirty. Simply place the Magnetic Sheet Floater near the sheet stack and the Magnet will attract the top sheet, making the sheet to appear as it is slightly floating above the stack. This enables the user to get enough grip to hold the sheet.

This device will eliminate the pain of picking a sheet from a stack of sheets, no more sliding sheets around to find the perfect grip!

Sheet-floater-drawing Sheet floater collage
Sheet Floater Models
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Magnet Height (mm) Assembly Height (mm) Pull Force (Kg) Sheet
Thickness (mm)
975/2 180 150 100 130 6.5 0.3-0.6
975/3 220 180 120 155 11 0.6-1.2