Vacuum Annealing

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Product Description

Vacuum is the ideal environment for material processing at high temperatures. It is clean, pollution and oxygen free according to the vacuum level, and guarantees high temperature. It also has uniformity and reduces energy dissipation.

Heat Treatment has long been recognized as one of the essential weapons in the metallurgist's armory and is capable of radically changing the structure of metal.

PML have more than 50 yrs experience in metallurgy and have experience to handle heat treatment of various metals like Nife, Cofe, Silicon steel, Bi metal, pure Iron, Nano crystalline, Amorphous and other special Alloys.

Heat treatment is used either to prepare a material for further processing (machining, forging, pressing, spinning, etc.) or to add a property such as surface hardness to improve a product's performance in service.

Processes Available:


With the ability to process in vacuum we are in an advanced position to offer a range of heat treatment services to the manufacturing industry.

We have the capability of handling components in a range of shapes, sizes and materials.

We accredited subcontract heat treatment service is a major benefit to any manufacturer looking for a particulars thermal process but lacking the specialist equipment themselves.

Our furnaces are controlled by Thyristor based PID controllers to achieve right time and temperature controls. The Time temperature profile is generated and record for each cycle for monitoring & trace-ability

Heat Treatment is commonly used by the following market sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Heat Ex changers
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Scientific

For a quote PML requests the following information:

  1. Drawing and material specification of the part
  2. Heat treatment specification (Time Temperature profile)
  3. Lot Quantity
  4. Any special requirements