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Assemblies for Aerospace

Components and Assemblies for Aerospace:


Our AS9100D certified QMS at “Hiperm Division” is into the supplies of various critical and non critical components used in the Aviation, Space and Defense industry. Besides manufacturing equipment such as High and Low speed Power Presses, grinding and finishing machines, Hiperm houses 20 Dry Hydrogen Heat Treatment furnaces. These furnaces are mapped according to AMS 2750 E pyrometry standards and are rated as Class 3. To ensure the functionality of the components and modules being supplied we have installed Quality measurement equipment such as Koerzimat, Ferrites India Loop Tracer. With the help of our technical experts  we have also made Special Purpose Measurement Setups. These setups are qualified by our end customers as well.

We are in to manufacturing of soft magnetic components that includes - Stator and Rotor Lamination's for Motors,Axial wound cores for high RPM motors,  Shields for very high attenuation for high and low field levels, RF Shields, Sub Assemblies for Sensors and Solenoids, Toroidal cores for Current Transformers and Components for Fuel Management Systems, Current sensing modules for various needs. We are proud suppliers to ISRO, SAC, OFB and many other Aerospace industries in India.

Soft Magnetic materials and their properties: Refer properties table here

With the help of our experienced team of Metallurgists, Electrical and Mechanical engineers we are able to extend help to the customers in designing feasible solutions from the concept, simulating the existing designs to achieve optimum performance. On the other hand our process designing team is enabled to set manufacturing processes to achieve 1.67 Cpk.

FAQ for Shielding

Q.1. What are the products PML can provide for aerospace applications?
  • Ans: Current carrying conductor generate magnetic field around it. This magnetic field is concentrated by flux concentrator at air gap. Hall Effect sensor placed in the air gap produces an output voltage as per the magnetic field generated at the air gap of flux concentrator. The ratio of the output voltage is proportional to the magnetic field. During the current sensing process, the current is measured by measuring the magnetic field. The output voltage is very low and needs to be amplified to a useful value by using a high gain amplifier with very low noise. Apart from amplifier circuit Hall Effect sensor requires additional circuitry as it is a linear transducer.

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