Handy Demagnetizer (KMDH-5A)



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Product Description

The handy demagnetizer is designed to demagnetize such magnetized tools and measuring equipment as drills, cutting tools, cutters and slide calipers. It can also be used to partially demagnetize large steel materials.

Handy Demagnetizer


  • Power source : single phase 230 v AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Capacity : 80 / 70 V A (0.29 A)
  • Power consumption : 20 / 14 W
  • Working rate : 70% ED , continuous power on not to exceed 7 minutes
  • Effective demagnetizing width (york width) : 50mm
  • Mass : 2.3 Kg
  • Working environment : indoor, room temperature ( Below 40 c)
  • Construction : non- watertight construction
  • Colour : Munsell 5RP5 / 4


  • Compact and handy.
  • Durable
  • Compact light weight units
  • Quality assured
  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimum performance
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Strong AC demagnetizing field.

How to use?

The demagnetizer placed 50 mm or more away from a workpiece, presses the switch. While keeping the switch pressed, move the demagnetizer above the workpiece. Effective demagnetization is obtained by moving it back and forth two to three times.

To end the demagnetization procedure, move the demagnetizer 100 mm or more away from the workpiece, then turn off the switch .



  • Increase tool life
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase quality


Suitable for demagnetizing tools such as drills, cutting tools, cutters and magnetized slide calipers.

  • To demagnetize lapping and honing tools.
  • In different types of powder metallurgical processes.
  • Used in areas which involve sensors for e.g. eddy current sensor reacts to magnetism.
  • Useful for demagnetizing taps, cutters.
  • Can be effectively used for any magnetized materials like punches, dies, grinded plates, bearings etc.
  • Remove magnetism from hardened tools, dies, cutters etc.
  • Large quantities of hardened materials after grinding held on magnet chuck can be demagnetized.
  • Can be Mounted at output of high speed grinding machines in bearing/roller making units.
  • Can demagnetize punches and tools quickly.

Area of application

  • Tool Room and standard Room, Press Shop, Assembly line etc.
  • Can be used in a line production process.