Melting Services

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A. Ingot Manufacturing

Scope : Melting of virgin and scrap alloys to make ingots of Super alloys

    • Nickel Alloys : Soft magnetic(Fe-80%Ni,Fe-48%Ni and others etc), Hard steel Inconel
    • Cobalt Alloys : Fe-CO(soft magnetic and others etc) , Hard steel Satellite , HS1
    • Mn Alloys

Process capability

Input :
Batch size
Output Alloying Elements Chemistry tolerance Impurities Max
30 kg
250 Kg
Ingot of required shape Fe, Ni, Co,
Mn, Cu , Cr,
Mo, Nb, Ti,
V, Si
+/- 0.5 % for Higher level % (Above 2 digit) and
+/- 0.3 % for lower level % (Single digit)
As specified to
alloy requirements

Photo of Ingot:

Melting servicesMelting services 2

Packing: Seaworthy packaging on wooden pallet or drums as per customer's requirement

B. Melting of scrap powder & Grindings

Scope: Melting of scrap powder and grinding of various alloys to recover pure metal in Ingot form : Expertise in melting of Manganese alloy & Nickel alloy grinding.

Manganese-Alloy-grindings Nickel Alloy Powder Final-Ingots-after-melting
Manganese Alloy Grindings Nickel Alloy Powder Final Ingots After Melting


  • Recovery of metal from scrap with economical way of melting
  • Recovery from Disposal action
  • Controls environmental pollution by avoiding disposal in the outside environment
  • Circular economy through lean and green practices

B. Super alloy powder

Scope: Manufacturing and supply of super alloy powder Cobalt and Nickel base.

  • Nickel base, iron-nickel, and cobalt-base super alloys are generally used at elevated temperatures above 1000 F (540 C).
  • Nickel based super alloys are used in aerospace applications.
  • Cobalt-base super-alloys may be used in lieu of nickel-base super-alloys, depending on actual strength needs and the type of corrosive attack expected

Powder Characteristics:

Powders produced with ALD’s VIGA systems typically have the following characteristics:

  • Spherical shape
  • Good rheological flow characteristics
  • Particle size ranging from 30 µm ≤ d50 ≤ 90 µm
  • High purity
  • High flow ability
  • Low O, N, and H concentrations
  • Rapidly solidified and homogeneous micro structure

Silent feature:

  • VIM : 250 Kg capacity
  • Inert gas atomizer : 50 Kg per 15 min
  • Specialized packing with Dehumidifier chamber

C. Tungsten and Tungsten carbide powder:

Scope : Manufacturing and supply of Tungsten and Tungsten carbide powder

Manufacturing Process:

Tungsten carbide powder manufacturing

Powder Characteristics: Tungsten metal powder

Tungsten metal
  • Average grain size 0.1 µm to 10 µm
  • Grayish appearance
  • Particle size distribution
  • High Purity
  • High flow ability
  • Low O, N, and H concentrations
  • Packing as per customers requirement in special bags.

Powder Characteristics: Tungsten Carbide Powder

Tungsten powder
  • Average grain size
  • Grayish black / Light gray appearance
  • High hardness > 60 RC and high melt point > 2500 degree C
  • Grades: PWC1 > 99.8% and PWC2 > 99.7%
  • Packing as per customer requirements in special bags.

Powder Characteristics: Tungsten Carbide Powder

  • Calcification furnace to remove moisture
  • Hydrogen Annealing furnaces to remove Oxygen
  • Carbonizing furnaces
  • Specialized packing with Dehumidifier chamber