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Product Description

The Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter is a great tool to collect loose nuts, bolts, nails, screws, etc. It allows the users to collect the items without the use of their hands, hence saving a lot of time and energy and potentially avoiding workplace injuries.

The Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter magnetic assembly consists of a metal or nylon body housing with a pull lever. The magnet is placed inside the housing. Simply place the Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter over the parts that need to be collected and the Magnet will attract all the desired parts. To drop the collected parts, simply pull the lever up.


Light Duty Bulk Parts Lifter

A low-cost time saver! Transfer and pick up nails, screws, nuts or any small metal objects, then pull the handle to release the objects in the desired location.


Light Duty Bulk Parts Lifter
Model Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (Kg)
LL10 90 170 0.5

Mini Magnetic Collector

The Mini Magnetic Collector is a robust lightweight design that can lift up to 22 Kgs. Made up of an entirely metal body, this tool will add great value to the user.

Collage of Mini magnetic collector
Mini Magnetic Collector
Model Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Capacity(Kg)
809/1 80 80 190 5
809/2 110 110 190 12
809/3 215 110 190 22

Medium Duty Bulk Parts Lifter

Long Body Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifters work exactly the same way but with a far greater reach. The Long Body Bulk Parts Lifter can reach inside places that are difficult for users to access such as inside barrels, casks or areas underneath tables, benches, cupboards, etc.

midium-duty-bulk-lifter1-HL_11          midium-duty-bulk-lifter2-HL_14          
Medium Duty Bulk Parts Lifter
Model Length
HL11 110 80 235 2.25 4715/-
HL14 110 80 820 2.25 4270/-

Videos of Magnetic Bulk Part Lifter

Videos of Mini Magnetic Collector

FAQ for Magnetic Bulk Part Lifter

  • 1) Is it readily available?
  • Ans - We do keep stock, but please confirm by calling on mob. no. 9930142441
  • 2) What is warranty term?
  • Ans - 1 Year warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • 3) Do you have any dealer or distributor at nearby place?
  • Ans - No. We directly deal with the customer & can provide delivery anywhere in india.
  • 4) Can we use this magnet to remove ironparts from the liquid?
  • Ans - Yes, it can use to pick iron from watery surface or mud but magnet should not be imrsed in to the water or any liquid.
  • 5) Does it have On / Off switch? How to operate?
  • Ans - The bulk part lifters has a pull lever w?hich comes with his body. Use level to lick & drop the collected iron parts.
  • 6) From How much distance it can attract the iron?
  • Ans - This magnet is meant for lifting, So Magnet need to get in contact with the object which is need to lift.
  • 7) What will be the life for magnet?
  • Ans - It is a permanent magnet it will not loose its magnetism. Magnet can get demagnetized in two cases, a) When it get damaged. b) When magnet get exposed beyond specified operating temperature. But magnet can loose its magnetism 2% to 3% over the span of 5years.
  • 8) Can we recharge the magnet?
  • Ans - No. Magnet cannot be recharged.
  • 9) Where to use hand/Scrap magnet?
  • Ans - It is good for lift small size of MS plates, iron parts in machine workshop & Fabrication shop floor
  • 10) What is the status of my order?
  • Ans - Once you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email to track the status of your order. Once your order is shipped we will send you another email to confirm the expected delivery date as well as the link to track your order.
  • 11) Can I change my order?
  • Ans - We can only change orders that have not been processed for shipping yet. Once your order is under the status "preparing for shipping", "shipping" or "delivered", then we cannot accept any edits to your order. To make changes to your order, please call us at 9930142441 or mail us at
  • 12) Where do you ship?
  • Ans - We currently ship only in India. For shipping outside of these countries, please call us at 9930142441 or mail us at
  • 13) How long does it take to ship my order?
  • Ans - Once you've placed your order, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours after receipt of payment to process it for delivery. If payment and order is made at any time on a non working day, the order will be shipped the next working day. Non working days include Sundays, Even Saturdays and National and Maharashtra State Holidays.
  • 14) What payment methods do you accept?
  • Ans - You can purchase on our website using a debit or credit card and bank deposit. You can choose these payment methods at checkout.
  • 15) How can I track my package?
  • Ans - Once you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email to track the status of your order. Once your order is shipped we will send you another email to confirm the expected delivery date as well as the link to track your order
  • 16) Do you accept returns?
  • Ans - We do accept returns in respect to the following conditions:
    • - The item must have been sold on our online store
    • - The item shouldn't have been used in any way
    • - The return or exchange request is made within 1week of delivery
    • - The return is made within 14 days of the return or exchange request
    • To ask for a return, please call us at 9930142441 or mail us at

  • 17) Can I exchange an item?
  • Ans - We do accept exchanges and they follow the same conditions as returns In order to ask for an exchange, please mention that you would like your item to be exchanged with another item when preparing your return with our support.
  • 18) Are returns free?
  • Ans - Returns within India are free. You can refer to the delivery paper within your package to organize your return. Feel free to call us at 9930142441 or mail us at for more details.