Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter (TM-901EXP)


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Product Description

High Precision TESLA METER TM-901EXP

The modern version of the Tesla Magnetometer is known as a Tesla Meter. A Tesla Meter can measure the direction and the intensity of small (relatively) magnetic fields. The most important part of the Tesla Meter, the Hall probe, is usually flat to make it the best to measure transverse magnetic fields.



  • DC and AC (40~500Hz) magnetic field
  • Sensor casing for automotive industry
  • Magnetic roller for laser printer
  • N/S polarity of DC magnets
  • Residual magnetic field after processing of mechanical parts
  • Intensity of magnetic field in magnetic application products
  • Residual magnetic field generated from the stress after processing of stainless material
  • Magnetic force of magnetizable material
  • Natural magnetism of various steel products
  • Magnetic field of motors and other home appliances
  • Magnetic Field Intensity of Permanent Magnets
  • Detecting the magnetic field of leakage generated from superconductive magnets.


  • High resolution mode accuracy in measurement of DC magnetic flux density improved
  • Frequency covering range in measurement of AC magnetic flux density expanded.(40 - 500 Hz)
  • Sampling speed in HOLD mode increased by 1.5 times.
  • Continuous operation time by use of a battery improved by 20% (130 hours → 160 hours).
  • 3-way power supply usable: battery, AC adapter and USB feed.
  • Digital output of measured data to PC by use of USB.
input-terminal-usb input-terminal-acpower-supply

Input Terminal USB

Input Terminal AC Power Supply

  • Measurement commands controllable from PC by use of USB.
  • PC free sample software renewed completely
Recording reading
  • Measured data is now "mT" exclusively in compliance with the unit specified by the Measurement Law.
  • A wide measuring range from 0 to 3000 mT (0-30,000 G). (DC)
  • In addition to DC magnetic flux density, AC magnetic flux density can be measured.
  • The high resolution measuring mode ensures highly accurate measurement.(Resolution 0.01 mT = 0.1 G)
  • The use of sheet keys ensures high dustproof performance.
  • The auto power off function prevents useless consumption of the battery.
  • When the probe has been worn out, it can be replaced with a new one without troublesome calibration. (Optional).

How to use Gauss Meter?

  1. Power on the Gauss Meter and hold the probe – the probe has the sensor
  2. Hold the probe over the magnet – flat if it is a Hall probe.
  3. Hold for some seconds for the highest rating to be measured.

The above is the most general way to use a Gauss Meter. Most magnets come with pre-measured ratings but researchers, electricians, educators, product designers and some others find a Gauss Meter useful while developing or working on projects.

Technical specification
Model TM-901EXP Function Zero reset Max. detect value hold Polarity indication Auto power off (can be canceled)
Detecting Contents DC magnetic flux density AC magnetic flux density polarities ( N, S ) ( 40-500Hz ) Output USB communication port /output(analog)
Measuring mT Mode Detection value Numeric value (digital) Polarity Alphabets (N/S)
Indication Range 0~3000.0mT Operating Temperature 0~+40 ℃
Measuring Measuring Mode Measuring Range Resolution Analytical Ability Indication Accuracy Display LCD
DC×1 ※1 0~200.0mT 0.1 mT ±(5%of rdg.+ 3digit ) Power Source Battery SUM-3 (1.5 V) X 4 pieces DC5-6V adapter input/ USB
200.1~3000.0mT 1 mT ±(5%of rdg.+10digit )
DC×10 0~300.00mT 0.01 mT ±(3%of rdg.+ 5digit ) Dimension Height 140(5.51) X width 64(2.51) X thickness 30(1.18)
AC ※1 0~150.00mT 0.01 mT ±(5%of rdg.+20digit) Mass Approx. 250 g/0.55 lb (including batteries and probe)
150.1~300.0mT 0.1 mT
301.0~1500.0mT 1 mT Accessories Probe, batteries and carrying case
※1The measuring ranges are automatically selected Option Axial probe (TM-801AXL) Reference magnetic field for Tesla Meter(TM-SMF)