Busbars and Assemblies

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Copper busbars are vital in automotive applications, serving as crucial conductors for distributing electrical power and signals throughout vehicles. They form the backbone of the vehicle's electrical distribution system, connecting the battery to subsystems like lights, sensors, and entertainment systems, ensuring efficient and safe power flow. In battery management, they link battery cells together, managing power and enabling charging/discharging in both traditional and electric vehicles.

Furthermore, in control modules and ECUs, they relay signals and power between electronic components, facilitating functions such as engine management and safety features. In electric vehicles, copper busbars are integral to the charging infrastructure, connecting charging ports to battery packs, enabling rapid energy transfer for efficient charging and extended driving range.

Their high conductivity, reliability, and durability are indispensable for proper electrical system operation in vehicles. As automotive technology advances, copper busbars will continue to play a vital role in ensuring efficient and safe power distribution in both conventional and electric vehicles.

PML Offerings

  1. PML offers customized busbars as per customer design
  2. Our in-house facilities enable us to offer our customers rapid prototyping for testing and trial purposes. Also, allowing us to handle the low-volume, high-volume, and blanket order production with efficiency.
  3. Our lead times are quoted on a job-by-job basis, and we offer emergency and rush services to meet urgent project timelines.
  4. We work mainly with various grades of copper and aluminum raw materials, with thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm.
  5. We also provide various surface finishes like electroplated Tin, Nickel, Silver, powder-coated, etc.
  6. We also manufacture special busbar with clinched pre-press fitted inserts that facilitates customers to use them directly in our assemblies.