PML Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer Notice This legal disclaimer applies to purchasers and users of PML products manufactured by or on behalf of PML and its affiliates (collectively, “PML”).

Version control:

Information contained in this data sheet is up-to-date as at the date of issue. Unless otherwise expressly indicated in writing, PML products and data sheets relating thereto are subject to change without notice.

Users should check for and obtain the latest relevant information and verify that such information is current and complete before placing orders for PML products.

Latest version of the datasheet can be obtained by email upon request to

Function of product:

The characteristics and parameters of a PML product set forth in its data sheet are based on laboratory conditions, and statements regarding the suitability of products for certain types of applications are based on PML’s knowledge of typical requirements in generic applications.

The characteristics and parameters of a PML product in a user application may vary from the data sheet characteristics and parameters due to (i) the combination of the PML product with other components in the user’s application, or (ii) the environment of the user application itself.

The characteristics and parameters of a PML product also can and do vary in different applications and actual performance may vary over time. Users should always verify the actual performance of the PML product in their specific devices and applications, and make their own independent judgments regarding the amount of additional test margin to design into their device or application to compensate for differences between laboratory and real world conditions.


Unless PML has explicitly designated an individual PML product as meeting the requirements of a particular industry standard (for example, ISO/TS 16949) or a particular qualification (for example, UL listed or recognized), PML is not responsible for any failure of an individual PML product to meet the requirements of such industry standard or particular qualification.


PML expressly identifies those PML standard products that are suitable for use in any applications on such products’ data sheets in the section entitled “Applications.” Unless expressly and specifically approved in writing by two authorized PML representatives on a case-by-case basis, use of any other PML standard products in a particular application might not be safe and thus is not recommended, authorized or intended and is at the user’s sole risk. If PML expressly identifies a sub-category of application in the data sheet for its standard products (example: infotainment or lighting), such identification means that PML has reviewed its standard product and has determined that if such PML standard product is considered for potential use in automotive applications, it should only be used in such sub-category of automotive applications. Any reference to PML standard product in the data sheet as compliant with the AEC-Q standard or “automotive grade” does not by itself mean that PML has approved such product for use in an automotive application.

Use restrictions:

Users and buyer of PML products shall not sell, transfer, export or re-export any PML products or technology for use in activities which involve the design, development, production, use or stockpiling of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles, nor shall they use PML products or technology in any facility which engages in activities relating to such devices. The foregoing restrictions apply to all uses and applications that violate national or international prohibitions, including embargos or international regulations. Further, PML products and PML technology and technical data may not under any circumstance be exported or re-exported to countries subject to international sanctions or embargoes. PML products may not, without prior authorization from PML and/or the Indian  Government, be resold, transferred, or re-exported to any party not eligible to receive Indian  commodities, software, and technical data.


To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, PML disclaims any and all liability for (but not limited to) special, punitive, consequential, incidental or indirect damages, lost revenues, lost profits, property damage, product damage, lose of life, personal injury  resulting from the use of PML product or reliance upon the information contained in this data sheet.


Users of PML products are responsible for ensuring compliance with safety-related requirements and standards applicable to their devices or applications. PML products are not recommended, authorized or intended for use in nuclear, lifesaving, life-critical or life-sustaining applications, nor in any other applications where failure or malfunction may result in personal injury, death, or severe property or environmental damage.


PML disclaims any and all implied warranties, including implied warranties of fitness for particular purpose, non-infringement and merchantability.