Magnetic Plates

Product Description:

Magnetic Plates are important industrial iron separators that are used for the separation of fine ferrous materials and tramp iron from many types of free flowing and pneumatically conveyed material like corn, sugar, flour, gravel, plastic and others granular materials.

The Plate Magnets also go very well with powdery, moist, lumpy, and abrasive products and large debris that might choke, bridge, or cause rapid wear in cartridge-based separators. Plate magnets are flexible enough to be deployed above conveyors or below conveyor drive pulleys to capture contaminants.They are available in both flat and curved shapes and can be installed either above or at the discharge end of material flow.



Magnetic plates are extensively used in CTC Tea machinery and in Biscuit stacking machines. They are also used for separating trapped iron in industries such as:

  • Food (Tea, Spices, Coffee, Cocoa, Milk Powder etc.)
  • Tobacco
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foundry Sand
  • Cattle Feed Materials
  • Minerals
  • Detergents
  • Conveying of light weight tin containers
  • Conveying of M.S. sheets using multiple plates

How Does it Work?

Lighter Strength Plate Magnets offer cost-effective choices for applications with lower product flow rate, lower conveyor speeds, or thinner burden depths. High Strength Magnetic Plates with Strontium Ferrite Magnets / Rare Earth magnets can attract metal particles from thin layers of product conveyed on flat belts from distance of 6”.

  • Attract ferrous tramp from flat-belt.
  • Powerful Ceramic magnet reaches deep into conveyed material upto 6”.

Threaded holes are provided for easy mounting of these plates with other convenient option.

For Iron Removal, Magnetic Plates are generally located above the material flow attracting the iron particles. The Magnetic Separation Process involves the magnetic field penetrating the product flow and grabbing tramp iron as it passes by the Plate. The concentrated field holds tramp iron tightly to the magnet surface until removed during the cleaning process. For Separating of Ferromagnetic material like Tin/M.S. sheets and containers from conveyor belts, multiple Magnetic Plates at various locations are used. This prevents the falling off of sheets/containers back into the conveyor.

Magnetic Plate drawing1 Mangetic-plate-drawing2


  • Efficient cost-saving recovery of harmful tramp iron in free-flowing materials
  • Plate magnets can be mounted both, above and below the product flow
  • Magnets like ceramic or rare earth magnets are normally used in plate
  • Magnetic separators capture maximum common ferrous debris
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • For easy cleaning, hanged plates can be swung out
  • The Plate Magnets can be cleaned manually also
  • Simple to install and have no maintenance
  • Lightweight and user-friendly

There are two Types of Plate Magnets:

  • High Strength Magnetic Plates - (NdFeb Magnet – 4500 Gauss)
  • Low Strength Magnetic Plates - (Ferrite Magnet – 1200 Gauss)


Magnetic Plates are available in flat and curved shape with required dimensions.The magnetic plates are made of either Ferrite or NdFeb magnets depending upon the required flux intensity. The magnetic surface is of Stainless Steel 304/316.



  • The compact design of these powerful magnetic separators makes them simple
  • Standard installations involve hinged models for swing–open cleaning
  • Plate Type Suspended Magnets are also available without hinges for stationary or suspended installations
  • Rare Earth is standard for food and pharmaceutical applications where product purity is paramount

Information Required for Design of Magnetic Plates

  • Type of material
  • Flow rate
  • Size and concentration of contamination
  • Flow passage dimensions

Why PML Magnetic Plate?

  • PML has been a Permanent Magnet Manufacturer for over 45 years and has great experience in design and development of Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Equipment
  • Magnet plates are available in wide range from 1200 Gauss to high intensity 4500 Gauss
  • Customized Design
  • Services such as Magnetic calibration/Audit are available
  • PML's Magnetic Equipment are known to provide excellent Magnetic Separation of Material