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Product Description

Mini-Electro Magnets are the category of Magnets which get energized when electricity is applied to them according to the rating. 

They can be used for various applications such as:

  • Machine tools
  • Door locking / holding
  • Actuators
  • Feeder mechanism, Short stroke / high force operation
  • Automation e.g. Textile machinery, Packaging machinery, Office machinery
  • Grill locking
  • Transformers
  • Remote hold / release


Energize to Release:

The category of magnets which are already energized and when electricity is applied to it, they are no longer energized

Note: Ambient operating temperature is 35° Celsius and the magnets come with a central machined hole in the rear end

Mini Electropermanentmagnets
Standard Operating Voltage Diameter 
Min.Plate Thickness Requires (mm) Connector
M52177 24VDC 35 48 25 240 5.2 5 Hirschmann
M52177 240VAC 35 48 25 50 5.2 5 Hirschmann
M52178 240VAC 50 63 50 40 8.5 6 Hirschmann
M52177/78 with Hirschmann Connector

Mini Electro-Permanent magnet M52177/240VAC Energize to release used in Robotic application


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FAQ for Minielectro Magnet

  • 1) Can we use electromagnet for pick and place application?
  • Ans - See the video to get an answer:

  • 2) Can electromagnet attract the metal parts from distance?
  • Ans - See the video to get an answer:

  • 3) How to see flux density on the surface of an electromagnet?
  • Ans - See the video to get an answer:

  • 4) How electromagnet is not suitable for sensor applications?
  • Ans - See the video to get the answer:

  • 5) Can this magnet be used to sense the field at a different distance?
  • Ans - No. These magnets cannot be used to sense fields at distances. These magnets are essentially used for pick and place applications.
  • 6) Is it possible to use this magnet to attract a body from certain distances?
  • Ans - No. This magnet cannot be used to attract an ms body from a certain distance, it may be possible to some extent if the bodies are either small in size or flat and long.
  • 7) Can two electromagnets be used to oppose each other?
  • Ans - No two electromagnets cannot be used to oppose each other at a certain distance.
  • 8) Which magents used?
  • Ans - Holding & retrieving magnets are made up of ferrite magnet with MS outer body.
  • 9) Can we generate an oscillating field from this magnet?
  • Ans - We can not generate an oscillating field from this electromagnet, it may be possible by passing DC current & AC current of some voltage.
  • 10) Can we put this magnet in continuously on position?
  • Ans - Yes. These magnets can be put continuously in position. However, their life can get reduced due to internal heating. We will rather advise you to use electro-permanent magnets for such applications, power consumption would also be high.
  • 11) Can we use an adapter of 24V with higher current capacity?
  • Ans - Yes, We can use an adapter of 24V with a higher current rating.
  • 12) How to connect the electromagnet?
  • Ans - There is a separate video to connect the electromagnet. Please see it on our website www.pmlindia.com
  • 13) What is the field it can generate at different distances?
  • Ans - We do not have data on this field v/s distance. These magnets are designed for close circuit applications and hence the field intensities are very low at a distance of 5mm from the magnet, we can generate this field but it may not be enough to pull but maybe not enough to attract sensors.
  • 14) Can we have a customized size magnet to suit our requirement of pull?
  • Ans - Mainly no. We have a standard range of electromagnets, it also depends upon MOQ i.e. minimum order quantity & development cost.
  • 15) What is the maximum surface temperature of the magnet if it is put on for a few hours?
  • Ans - The maximum surface temperature could reach approx 70° C if the magnet is put 'ON' for a few hours.
  • 16) Can we send this magnet for repair?
  • Ans - No. You can not send this for repair as the repair is not possible.
  • 17) Will the winding burn of if it is continuously put on or someone forgets to switch it off?
  • Ans - The winding should not burn off even if it is put on for a certain number of hours.
  • 18) Will it lift the designed load?
  • Ans - The magnet is supposed to lift designed load under certain ideal conditions like the thickness of job, job finish, job material, etc. A fully ground block of ms material of designed specification can be lifted, using this electromagnet.
  • 19) Can we have a different mounting arrangement?
  • Ans - No. We do not offer customized mounting arrangements other than those specified in the catalog. It also depends upon the MOQ i.e. material order quantity and development cost.
  • 20) Will the magnet surface corrode over a period of time?
  • Ans - The magnet body is made up of ms and has nickel plating. The magnet surface may corrode if the plating goes off. In such a case you may apply paint to prevent further corrosion.
  • 21) What is the purpose of Armature Plate?
  • Ans - Armature Plate use to get the best clamping performance from the electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets and are often used when either no ferromagnetic material exists for the electromagnets to clamp onto or where the existing ferromagnetic surface is not ideal for best clamping (e.g. thin sheet, rusty steel, curved surfaces).Marked as done.
  • 22) Do you Supply Armature Plate with Electromagnet?
  • Ans - Customer need to order these armature plates separately.
  • 23) Can We use Electromagnet to lift & hold thin sheets of 0.5 mm to 2 mm?
  • Ans - Mini Eectromagnet series meant for lifting & holding of objects having thickness more than 3 mm.If you want to pick thin sheet you can use Armature plate combnation to acheve the desired thcinkess.
  • 24) Can we lift lengthy sheets for Eg of 6 mm x 1200 mmx 2000 mm?
  • Ans - No.
  • 25) Can we use 12V Electromagnet for 24 volt application?
  • Ans - A 12V d.c. electromagnet having 24V d.c. applied will probably cause the unit to overheat and fail
  • 26) Can we use 240V AC Electromagnet/Electropermanant Magnet with 12 volt or 24volt DC supply?
  • Ans - The 240V a.c. version has a Hirschman connector – applying 12V dc probably will cause it no not work so we would never recommend any dc supply to our ac versions.
  • 27) Can we use 24V Electromagnet for 12 volt application?
  • Ans - A 24V d.c. electromagnet having 12V d.c. applied will give a much lower current and its pull force will be much lower
  • 28) What is the status of my order?
  • Ans - Once you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email to track the status of your order. Once your order is shipped we will send you another email to confirm the expected delivery date as well as the link to track your order.
  • 29) Can I change my order?
  • Ans - We can only change orders that have not been processed for shipping yet. Once your order is under the status "preparing for shipping", "shipping" or "delivered", then we cannot accept any edits to your order. To make changes to your order, please call us at 9930142441 or mail us at sales@pmlindia.com.
  • 30) Where do you ship?
  • Ans - We currently ship only in India. For shipping outside of these countries, please call us at 9930142441 or mail us at sales@pmlindia.com.
  • 31) How long does it take to ship my order?
  • Ans - Once you've placed your order, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours after receipt of payment to process it for delivery. If payment and order is made at any time on a non working day, the order will be shipped the next working day. Non working days include Sundays, Even Saturdays and National and Maharashtra State Holidays.
  • 32) What payment methods do you accept?
  • Ans - You can purchase on our website using a debit or credit card and bank deposit. You can choose these payment methods at checkout.
  • 33) How can I track my package?
  • Ans - Once you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email to track the status of your order. Once your order is shipped we will send you another email to confirm the expected delivery date as well as the link to track your order
  • 34) Do you accept returns?
  • Ans - We do accept returns in respect to the following conditions:
    • - The item must have been sold on our online store
    • - The item shouldn't have been used in any way
    • - The return or exchange request is made within 1week of delivery
    • - The return is made within 14 days of the return or exchange request
    • To ask for a return, please call us at 9930142441 or mail us at sales@pmlindia.com.

  • 35) Can I exchange an item?
  • Ans - We do accept exchanges and they follow the same conditions as returns In order to ask for an exchange, please mention that you would like your item to be exchanged with another item when preparing your return with our support.
  • 36) Are returns free?
  • Ans - Returns within India are free. You can refer to the delivery paper within your package to organize your return. Feel free to call us at 9930142441 or mail us at sales@pmlindia.com. for more details.