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Product Description

We produce ring & e lamination as per desired size and thickness from soft magnetic alloys. These lamination are used in Cores and CTs for various applications. They are also used for high frequency operations by providing special electrical insulation. The operations are handled with semi automatic machines for heat treatment and packing to avoid human intervene and mass productivity.

The process followed is as below:

Lamination Process



Material Grades:

  • NiFe 48%
  • NiFe 80%
  • SiFe
  • Mu metal

Material Thickness:

NiFe 48 % (mm) NiFe 80 % (mm) SiFe (mm) Mu metal (mm)
0.2 0.2 0.5 0.2
0.345 0.335 - 0.4
0.5 0.5 - 0.6
0.8 0.6 - 0.8
1 0.8 - -
1.5 1 - -
2 - - -

Features :

  • High magnetic permeability
  • Low hysteresis loss
  • High linearity

End Applications :

  • Lamination(Core) for High frequency motors for health care
  • Lamination(Core) for Measurement CTs for reading accuracy
  • Lamination(Core) for Power CT
  • Lamination(Core) for RCCB

Why PML?

  1. Ability to deliver mass production quantities by semi automation and finally pure hydrogen heat treated.
  2. Dimensions & parameters like Concentricity, Parallelism & Flatness can be achieved as per specified tolerance.
  3. Carbide tooling used to limit and maintain the edge burr level within 15 Micron.
  4. Ability to test the outgoing core performance at desired current & desired frequency.
  5. Temperature control: +/-3°C, Dew Point control: (-)55°C Max of output gases, Carbon control: < 60ppm.
  6. Specially designed fixtures and furnace furniture for precisely maintaining critical dimensions.
  7. Facility for providing a controlled oxidation layer on the annealed parts, if required.
  8. Capability of handling wide variety of part sizes in combinations of small or big quantities.
  9. Computerized temperature record, elaborated testing facilities for Magnetic & Dimensional checking.
  10. Complete traceability for Heat Treatment process and Raw Materials.
  11. Test Certificates provided with each batch.
  12. Each batch is certified by checking the test samples for core loss, permeability & coercivity on hysteresis loop plotter.
  13. The final heat treated material is handled with due care to avoid any property loss due to impact.
  14. Use of hand gloves to avoid direct contact with body sweat & dirt causing rusting, Parts are further packed in controlled air-conditioned atmosphere to avoid settling of dust.
  15. The parts are packed in VCI bags sealed in dehumidified zone by dehumidifier and packed in corrugated boxes to avoid rust and external damage.
  16. Parts are finally dispatched in fumigated wooden pallets.