C8-6.25-8 Laminated, Soft Ferromagnetic Automotive C-Shaped Core


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Product Description

The C-Core is a laminated soft ferromagnetic core featuring superior material characteristics such as high linearity and very low hysteresis. It is available with two different materials: Ni- Fe and Si-Fe.

The core is designed for high-speed contactless current sensing in combination with a magnetic field sensor, i.e., Hall sensor, and a current conductor. Furthermore, the core protects the sensor from parasitic magnetic fields caused by nearby conductors or other magnetic field sources.

Magnetic Characteristics

Parameter Material Typical Value Unit
Relative Permeability Ni-Fe 100'000 a.u.
Si-Fe 40'000
Initial Relative Permeability Ni-Fe 7000 a.u.
Si-Fe 2500
Saturation Flux Density Ni-Fe 1 T
Si-Fe 1.5
Hysteresis Ni-Fe 2.8 A/m
Si-Fe n/a
Curie Temperature Ni-Fe 450 °C
Si-Fe 700

Material Specification

Material Specification Lamination Ni or Si content
Lamination and Nickel content 0.35mm 48% (Ni)
Lamination and Silicon content 0.35mm <3.5% (Si)

Geometry C8-6.25-8 (*)

a = air gap
b = thickness
c = length

Drawing of C8-6.25-8