Battery Monitoring System


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4kV Insulation and CAN Interface

Battery monitoring system with independent power supply and galvanically insulated design.

Product Description

The Battery sensing and monitoring system consists of three sensors: (i) current sensor, (ii) voltage sensor, and (iii) temperature sensor. The three sensor signals are read by analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), processed by a programmable STM32 microcontroller, and provided at the output via the CAN interface. A particular feature of the product is its independent power supply and galvanically insulated design. Therefore the device operates directly with 12V DC and can be attached on both high-side and low-side of the high voltage (HV) battery system.

PDF Downloads:

Fact Sheet: Battery Sensing Unit 2.0


  • Multisensor system (current, voltage, temperature)
  • Galvanically insulated design
  • High-side and low-side of HV battery
  • Contactless Melexis 91208 Hall sensor


  • Battery monitoring, e-mobility
  • State-of-charge, state-of-health
  • Prototyping, development, test platform
  • Functional safety


Parameter Typical Value Unit
Primary input current range ±5…±500 A
Voltage measurement range ±5…±800 V
Maximum power 60 W
Measurement accuracy 1.0 %
Operation temperature range –50 … 150 °C
Supply voltage 12 V
CAN interface refresh time 1.0 ms