80A CTs for Thread Through Meters


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Product Description

Energy meter CT’s made using Nano crystalline cores are Non DC immune current transformers for energy meters. The CT is small in size with customized casing and metal shield, (optional) for protection against external magnetic field. The wound CT is epoxy potted for durable and long life performance. Number of turns can be wound/adjusted as per customer requirements. CTs can be provided with or without metal shield in custom casings.


Electrical Specification:

    Model   CT 80A
    Inductance   100-220H
    DC Resistance   90-110 ohms
    No. of turns   2000
    Operating temp.   -40° C ≈ 70° C
    Storage Temp   -40° C ≈ 85° C
    Core material   Nano crystalline
    Accuracy   0.1 class
    Error   <0.1%
    Phase Shift   <15
    Operating Frequency   50 Hz-10KHz
    Load   10 Ώ max

Mechanical Specification:

    Plastic Casing   PP / Nylon 6 (Black) /PBT
    Secondary termination   PVC (Red/Black)
    Epoxy material   Non- hygroscopic Transparent / black/Red/ White potting material
    Dielectric Strength   4000V AC/60S
    Insulation Resistance   >1000 MΏ (500V DC)

Mechanical Dimensions :



  • For direct connected / whole current Energy Meters


  • Many custom designs possible
  • Can be provided as full assembly, comprising of CT with primary conductor and welded brass terminals
  • Small size

Material Specification:

   Min Initial Permeability    >84000 at 50Hz
   H Coercivity    <0.8 mA / cm
   Core Dimension    21 +/-0.2 X 14 +/-0.2 X 5 +/-0.1

Mechanical Specification:

No. Item Description Material
1 Core 21 OD x 14 ID x 5.0 Th (10-80A) Hybrid Core
2 Wire 41 SWG Copper
3 Epoxy Acrabond 774 /Dr Beck Epoxy
4 Lead wire PVC/PTFE Multi strand --