AEC Q200 Test - Biased Humidity

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This test is carried out in an environment that recreates a High-temperature humid zone, with the specimen in a powered state which simulates the actual condition through which the specimen/component will undergo.


  • Real-time test monitoring.
  • Graphical data available for the entire period and will be shared with the customer upon request.
  • Temperature accuracy 0.5%.
  • Humidity accuracy of 1%

Test condition

  • Standard: MIL-STD-202 Method 103
  • Period: 1000 hrs
  • Temperature:85℃
  • Relative humidity: 85%
  • Power: 10% operating power

Equipment used

High-temperature humidity chamber. (75% to 98% RH)

Biased Humidity

AC current source (500A)

AC current source (500A)

*Testing condition as per customer requirements is not subjected to accredited test reports.