Smart Battery Clamp

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Smart Battery Clamp


The design study ‘Smart Battery Clamp’ is a showcase of our capability to develop and manufacture customer-specific battery monitoring modules including the shunt resistor, busbar design and assembly, the configuration of terminals and battery clamp, and the injection-molded packaging. The current sensor is realized with cost-effective shunt or Hall technology. Both technologies can be combined for functionally-safe operation. “We are your partner throughout the entire process from first draft to full volume production.”

for Customer-Specific Electronic Battery Systems
Showcase: customer-specific battery monitoring module
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Design Study: Smart Battery Clamp


  • Customer-specific design, incl. shunt, busbar, Hall sensor, packaging
  • Assembly-friendly pin configuration, e.g. pressfit, rivet
  • Cost-effective shunt/Hall technology
  • In-house shunt and busbar assembly
  • Contactless Melexis 91208 Hall sensor


  • Battery monitoring unit
  • Intelligent electronic battery sensors
  • e-mobility, high-voltage
  • State-of-charge, state-of-health
  • Solar and renewable energy
  • Functional safety

Shunt Characteristics

Parameter Typical Value Unit
Primary input current range ±5…±500 A
Voltage measurement range ±5…±800 V
Maximum power 60 W
Operation temperature range –50 … 150 °C
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