Drawer Type Easy Clean Magnetic Grill


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Product Description

Drawer Type Easy clean magnetic grills are ideal for removal of fine iron and para-magnetic contamination from a range of dry free-flowing products such as sugar, grain, flour, granulates and powders.

PML Drawer Type Easy-Clean Magnetic Grills are made using the same design principal as that of Easy Clean magnetic grills. The only difference in this type is it can be used where the ratio of fine ferrous particles is higher than the process materials. In this case, Multiple drawers are arranged to create alternate loops of magnetic rods to trap fine ferrous particles.

It can widely be used in Pharma, Chemical, Agro Chemicals, Food, Petrochemicals, Power, Steel, Cement, Waste treatment, etc and many more various industries.

They are designed primarily for the discharge of chute to arrest the iron particles from the product flow. It works on an easy mechanism where these are fitted with an interlock, To clean the Grill, just remove the drawer with the magnetic rod, slide open the lock, and slide out the magnetic rod resting inside the hollow SS sleeve. The hollow SS sleeve is stationary & will cut its contact with the magnetic circuit providing the trapped ferrous particles to fall apart. This helps in reducing the time spent to clean the individual magnetic tube & also provides maintenance-free low-cost separation avoiding breakdowns of machines & quality of production.

Two guided rods are provided for easy sliding of the drawing while performing the cleaning operation. All the ferrous particles can be collected in the collection bin.

Customized options are always available. The flux density of 9,000 ± 500 Gauss Power is achieved on a hollow SS sleeve.

Silent Features

  • Maintenance Free
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of Handling
  • Time-Saving
Dimensions of Inlet & Outlet Connecting Flanges
Model No. Flange O.D.(mm) Hole Dia.(mm) No. Of Holes Hole PCD(mm) Flange THK.(mm)
ECHSDG1 228.6 19.0 8 190.5 6
ECHSDG2 279.4 22.2 8 241.3 6
ECHSDG3 342.9 22.2 8 298.4 6
ECHSDG4 406.4 25.4 12 361.9 6
ECHSDG5 482.6 25.4 12 431.8 6
ECHSDG6 533.4 28.6 12 476.2 6
ECHSDG7 596.9 28.6 16 539.7 6

High-intensity Easy-Clean Single Drawer Magnetic Grill Permissible Max. Operating Temp. 80˚C

(Peak flux density value 9,000 ± 500 Gauss, when measured on Magnetic Pole Surface)

Easy clean Magnetic Grill
Model No. Inlet & outlet Dia.(mm) Total HT.(mm) No. Of Magnetic Elements
ECHSDG1 100 250 3
ECHSDG2 150 250 4
ECHSDG3 200 250 5
ECHSDG4 250 250 5
ECHSDG5 300 250 6
ECHSDG6 350 250 7
ECHSDG7 400 250 8