Torque Sensor Components


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Torque Sensor is used preferably in Electric Power Steering (EPS) application. This torque sensor is based on a non-contact Hall effect design. The uniqueness of this structure is its ability to measure the shift angle between two rotating shafts linked by a torsion bar. This measurement is done with stationary electronic components. This unique structure generates enough magnetic flux variation to measure angular shifts from +/-1° to +/-8° with Hall Effect Sensor. This greatly refines steering ease and accuracy.

This torque sensor essentially eliminates the hydraulic motor used in steering wheel assembly which reduces the weight and improves fuel efficiency. Also, an electric power steering is quieter than a hydraulic system.


Please refer to the diagram above. PML can supply the two rings (grey parts) made of 48%NiFe or 80% NiFe material, the flux concentrator (green part)which is made in 80% NiFe material and magnets.  All these parts can be manufactured as per the customers’ specifications.