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What are Cow Magnet?

Calves about six months old make a big change in their diets. They stop suckling milk form their mother and begin to eat grass. Unfortunately, grass is not the only thing they pick up while grazing. They also eat dangerous Tramp Iron (nails, staples, bailing wires etc.) that can cause "Hardware Disease", if not protected with Raksha Pill (Cow Magnet). Cows loose their appetite; decrease their milk output (Dairy Cow) and ability to gain weight (Feeder stock) from this disease. Tramp iron causes serious inflammation in the Cow’s stomach and possibly death resulting from severe damage to surrounding vital organs.

Cow Magnet

To fix this?

Veterinarians usually give calves Raksha Pill (Cow Magnet) at the age of six months. Once the Raksha Pill reaches the Reticulum (Stomach) of the cow, it stays there for the lifetime of the cow to attract tramp iron and thus protecting the cow from Hardware diseases and TRP (Traumatic Reticuloperitonitis),These smooth, mirror finished Raksha Pill have contact surface of food grade Stainless Steel and food grade ABS Plastic grade thus enhancing Cow’s Health. They are designed to make them easy to sallow. One Raksha Pill lasts for a Cow’s Lifetime.

Sr.No Name of Magnet Diameter Length Weight
1 Rare Earth Magnet Without Shield 14.1 61.5 70 Gms
2 Rare Earth Magnet with ABS Plastic Shield 25 90 86 Gms
3 Hard Ferrite Magnet with ABS Plastic 33 100 126 Gms

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