Laminated Flux Concentrator

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These are soft ferromagnetic core featuring superior material characteristics such as high linearity and very low hysteresis. The core is designed for high-speed contact less current sensing in combination with a magnetic field sensor, i.e., Hall sensor, and a current conductor. Furthermore the core protects the sensor from parasitic magnetic fields caused by nearby conductors or other magnetic field sources. These parts are used for contact less very low current sensing applications. They are widely used in sensitive electric measuring instruments for concentrating small magnetic flux generated in an electromagnetic circuit. These parts are a stack of lamination. This stacks can be die-stacked & auto-stack.They can be made in customer specific thicknesses by using different no. of lamination.

Magnetic Characteristics

Flux Concentrator Magnetic Characteristics
Parameter Typical Value Unit
Curie Temperature 450 degC
Maximum Relative Permeability 100000 a.u.
Initial Relative Permeability 7000 a.u.
Saturation Flux Density 1.5 T
Coercivity, Hc 2.8 A/m

Material Grades :

  • NiFe 48%
  • NiFe 80%
  • NiFe 48% & 80% combination
  • Low core loss Silicon Iron

Material Thickness:

They can be made in customer specific thicknesses by using different no. of lamination. Minimum 0.2 mm & Maximum up to 1 mm.

Features :

  • High magnetic permeability
  • Low hysteresis loss
  • High linearity
  • Con-tactless current sensing: 1 Amp - 1000Amps
  • High speed / Short response time < 2 micro second
  • Based on melexis hall sensor or any reputed hall sensor

End Applications :

  • Automobile
  • Electricity meter

Why PML?

  1. Ability to deliver mass production quantities finally pure hydrogen heat treated.
  2. Carbide Auto stacking tooling used for production on highly accurate imported high speed press.
  3. Samples for concept testing provided made by low cost prototype tooling or even by wire cutting.
  4. PML collaborates for current sensor application with Maglab (representative & development Partner) and Melexis. Maglab (representative & development Partner) is an engineering company interfacing the design of the current sensor based on Melexis Hall-Sensors and PML magnetic cores/shields. Melexis is an automotive qualified sensor supplier.
  5. Dimensions functionally critical like gap & stack perpendicularity, Symmetricity, Concentricity is achieved in tolerance range of 0.02 to 0.04.
  6. Ability to check the core material in a ring shape or close loop shape by plotting hysteresis loop.
  7. Ability to test the outgoing core performance at desired current & desired frequency. Frequency can be up to 50 KHz. Hence we can generate simulation as per the actual application.
  C-shape Flux ConcentratorLaminated CC-type Flux ConcentratorRectangular CoreCircular Core