C2.5-4-3.8 Laminated Flux Concentrator

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The C-Core is a laminated soft ferromagnetic core featuring superior material characteristics such as high linearity and very low hysteresis. It is available with two different materials: Ni- Fe and Si-Fe. The core is designed for high-speed contactless current sensing in combination with a magnetic field sensor, i.e., Hall sensor, and a current conductor. Furthermore, the core protects the sensor from parasitic magnetic fields caused by nearby conductors or other magnetic field sources.

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Magnetic Characteristics

Parameter Material Typical Value Unit
Relative Permeability Ni-Fe 100'000 a.u.
Si-Fe 40'000
Initial Relative Permeability Ni-Fe 7000 a.u.
Si-Fe 2500
Saturation Flux Density Ni-Fe 1 T
Si-Fe 1.5
Hysteresis Ni-Fe 2.8 A/m
Si-Fe n/a
Curie Temperature Ni-Fe 450 °C
Si-Fe 700

Material Specification

Material Specification Lamination Ni or Si content
Lamination and Nickel content 0.35mm 48% (Ni)
Lamination and Silicon content 0.35mm <3.5% (Si)

Geometry C2.5-4-3.8 (*)

Order code A=Air Gap B=Wall Thickness C = External Length D = External Width E = Internal Length F = Internal Width G = Thickness Material
C-2.5-4-3.8-NiFe 2.5 4 14 14 6 6 3.8 Ni-Fe
C-2.5-4-3.8-SiFe 2.5 4 14 14 6 6 3.8 Si-Fe