Battery Monitoring System

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Concept and Application

If properly monitored, balanced, and treated how they were designed to be treated, a battery failure should not occur. However, it's just an Ideal situation. In reality, Batteries are treated in ways we could never imagine by the end users. Even sometimes, when batteries are treated properly throughout their entire life, manufacturing defects still can cause battery failures.

Without Battery Management Systems (BMS), batteries are more likely to fail. However, where Battery Management Systems fall short is when a battery failure actually occurs.

An additional monitoring of the battery system can provide additional information regarding the state of health of the battery system. This is where battery monitoring systems provide value in protecting and improving the life of a battery.

The Battery monitoring system is placed between generator and Battery, Battery and Load. In this way it monitors the entire battery system.

The PML designed Battery sensing and monitoring systems consists of three sensors:

  1. current sensor (hall effect and or shunt based)
  2. voltage sensor, and
  3. temperature sensor

The three sensor signals are read by analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), processed by a programmable STM32 micro-controller, and provided at the output via the CAN interface. A particular feature of the product is its independent power supply and galvanically insulated design. Therefore the device operates directly with 12V DC and can be attached on both high-side and low-side of the high voltage (HV) battery system.

What we can offer:

Key features:

  • Multisensor system (current, voltage, temperature)
  • Galvanically insulated design
  • High-side and low-side of HV battery
  • Contactless Melexis 91208 Hall sensor OR Customer specified sensor
  • This BMS module is flexible enough to integrate an IoT module for remote monitoring.
Parameter Typical Value Unit
Primary input current range ±5…±500 A
Voltage measurement range ±5…±800 V
Measurement accuracy 1.0 %
Operation temperature range –40 … 85 °C
Supply voltage 12 V
CAN interface refresh time 1.0 ms


  • Battery monitoring, e-mobility
  • State-of-charge, state-of-health
  • Prototyping, development, test platform
  • Functional safety


  • Automotive (HEV, EV)
  • Charging stations - Power plants
  • Grid Storage Batteries
  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy Meter