The U-Shield is a soft ferromagnetic shield featuring superior material characteristics such as high linearity and very low hysteresis.

The shield is designed for planar current sensing in combination with a magnetic field sensor, i.e. Hall sensor, AMR sensor and a bus-bar conductor.

The "U" Shield protects the sensor from parasitic magnetic fields caused by nearby conductors or other magnetic field sources while at the same time it enhances sensitivity and signal-to-offset ratio of the sensor.

PML collaborates for current sensor applications with Maglab (representative & development partner) GmbH (For design optimization & simulation) and Melexis GmbH (Qualified automotive sensor supplier).

Magnetic Characteristics

Magnetic Characteristics of U-shields
Parameter Typical Value Unit
Relative Permeability 100,000 a.u.
Initial Relative Permeability 7000 a.u.
Saturation Flux Density 1 T
Hysteresis 2.8 A/m
Curie Temperature 450 ºC



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Standard Sizes

All dimensions are in mm

Standard Sizes of U-shields
Link Part Name Drawing No. Width
Thickness [mm]
Download U12-13-12.5-0.8 C-SH-007-R1 12 13 12.5 0.8
Download U12-13-12.5-1.5 C-SH-014-R2 12 13 12.5 1.5
Download U12.5-10-12.5-1.5 Z-C-SH-168-R2 12.5 10 12.5 1.5
Download U20-13-15-1.5 Z-C-SH-124-R2 20 13 15 1.5
Download U20.5-10-12-1.5 Z-C-SH-180-R0 20.5 10 12 1.5
Download U25-15-15-1.5 C-SH-009-R2 25 15 15 1.5
Download U30-15-15-1.5 Z-C-SH-125-R1 30 15 15 1.5


  • For particular W & T combination, L & H can be varied. Inquiries for specific dimensions are welcome.
  • While sending an inquiry please mention product code & attach PDF file for reference.