Ingot Manufacturing

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Ingot Manufacturing

Scope : Melting of virgin and scrap alloys to make ingots of Super alloys

  • Nickel Alloys : Soft magnetic(Fe-80%Ni,Fe-48%Ni and others etc), Hard steel Inconel
  • Cobalt Alloys : Fe-CO(soft magnetic and others etc) , Hard steel Stellite , HS1
  • Mn Alloys

Process capability

Input Batch size Output Alloying Elements Chemistry tolerance Impurities Max
30 kg
250 Kg
Ingot of required shape Fe, Ni, Co,
Mn, Cu , Cr,
Mo, Nb, Ti,
V, Si
+/- 0.5 % for Higher level % (Above 2 digit) and
+/- 0.3 % for lower level % (Single digit)
As specified to
alloy requirements

Photo of Ingot:

Melting services Melting services 2

Packing: Seaworthy packaging on wooden pallet or drums as per customer's requirement