Shunt Assembly for Energy Meters

SHUNT is precision element for the energy meter which works in all kinds of electrical meter as power measure.

  • The Manganin Shunt resistor is used as a key part of the measuring device inside the electronic ammeter
  • The EBW type shunt gives precise measurement. It also helps to save cost of the production process and material

PML Shunt Assembly Properties:

  • Material: Manganin, an alloy of Cu (84-87%), Manganese (9-12%) and Ni (2-4%)
  • Welding Type: Electronic Beam welding
  • PML designs EB welded Shunts or full Manganin Shunt assemblies as per Customers Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Resistance (µΩ) Resistivity (µΩ-mm2/mm) Tolerance (%)
50-2000 0.38 - 0.44 ± 5

Physical Characteristics
Density (Gm/Cm3) Melting Point (ᵒC) Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (PPM/ ᵒC)
8.86 960 ± 25

Process Flow for SHUNTS:

  • Selection of copper & Manganin as per the customer drawing.
  • EB Welding
  • Inspection and testing
  • Punching
  • Assembly with terminals if required by customer
  • Packing and dispatch

Tooling and Stamping:

Specialized tools are made for lowest wastage and high productivity to achieve lower operational costs.PML also manufactures customized design suited to the application which includes a complete Manganin shunt & assembly, EB welded shunt & assembly, Copper –Manganin welded shunt assembly etc along with brass terminals.

Inspection & Testing:

  • The inspection is done as per the 0.65 % AQL sampling plan.
  • Testing of electrical resistance is carried out on high precision µΩ meter
  • The lowest resolution of the meter is 0.1 µΩ