R50-BAR-04B Shunt Resistor


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Manganin Shunt Resistor for High Precision Current Measurement

The R50-BAR-04B shunt resistor is a precision Cu-Mn resistance. It consists of a copper busbar with hole terminals for easy installation and solderable pin-type sense contacts.

Product Description

The shunt is designed for precision current measurement with high thermal stability in instruments, industrial, and automotive applications, typically including energy meters, ampere meters, power inverters, and battery current monitoring.

PDF Downloads:  R50-BAR-04B spec sheet

Shunt Characteristics

Parameter Typical Value Unit
Resistance 50(*) μOhm
Accuracy of absolute resistance 5 %
Resistivity temperature coefficient ±50 ppm/K
Operation temperature range -50 … 150 °C
Continuous power 15 W
Maximum power 60 W
Inductance <5 nH

Note: Available resistance values: 50μOhm, 75μOhm, …, 250μOhm

Geometry :

Geometry R50-BAR-04B Shunt Resistor