Relay- R104


  • Fully UC3 compliant per IEC 62055-31 annex C
  • This relay can withstand external magnetic influence up-to 300m Tesla constant / DC magnetic field and up to 0.5m Tesla AC magnetic field
  • Superior construction and special contacts ensure very low temperature rise at higher currents - increased reliability.
  • Contact form 1-A or 1-B
  • Extensively used in pre-payment and smart energy meters.
  • Custom assemblies available with copper braided wire and / or copper straps, welded to brass terminals.
Contact Loads
Model R104-80 R104-90 R104-100
Rated Ioad (resistive) 80A 250V 90A 250V 100A 250V
Max switching current 80A 90A 100A
Max switching voltage 250VAC 250VAC 250VAC
Max switching power 20,000VA 22,500VA 25,000VA
Performance Parameter
Contact Material Silver alloy
Contact resistance 1mΩ Max.
Operating time 20ms Max.
Releasing time 20ms Max.
Insulation resistance 10000MΩ Min. (DC500A)
Dielectric strength Across open contacts 2000 Vac for 1min.
Coil to contact 4000 Vac for 1min.
Vibration Functional 10~55Hz, double amplitude 0.5mm
Destructive 10~55Hz, double amplitude 0.5mm
Shock resistance Functional 10g Min.
Destructive 100g Min.
Life / Endurance Mechanical 100,000 cycles
Electrical 10,000 cycles
Operating temp range -40˚C~ +70˚C -
Coil Parameter (20˚C)
Rated Voltage (VDC) Rated Current ±10%(mA) Resistance ±10%(Ω) Operating Voltage
Releasing Voltage
Pulse Width
Single Coil Double Coil Single Coil Double Coil
5 200 500 24 12 70% Rated Voltage 70% Rated Voltage 100 Min. Single/ Double 1.5W/ 3W
6 166 333 54 27
12 125 250 96 48
24 62.5 125 384 192
48 31.25 62.5 1536 768