Magnetic Knife and Utensil Holder



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Product Description

A classic piece of art for your kitchen in wood. You can just stick your knives and utensils onto the Magnetic Knife Holder after use. No pulling of the drawers and searching for the right utensils or knives as they are right there in front, stuck onto the Magnetic Knife Holder.

 Magnetic Knife and Utensil Holder

few different ideas for mounting orientation and location of magnetic knife strips.

  1. Horizontal under cabinets  This is perfect for especially small kitchens where the only wall area is that space between the counter and the uppers. Not particularly good if you have extra-long knives to hang. Note in the example how the rack is located right above the small counter top prep area: no need to reach across the sink or range.
  2. Vertical in open space  This location is best if you have large or long knives to store (and a tall, slender wall area for going vertical).
  3. Horizontal, next to range  If you prep near the cook top and find yourself with a range located in a corner, this can be a good way to use up that awkward sidewall. Double up as seen in the example if you have a lot of knives!
  4. As part of a larger system  A magnetic knife strip can be aligned with other storage, like the spice organizer in the example above or hanging utensil rods.
  5. Under the cabinets  This is a unique solution if you A) don't like the appearance of a knife rack and/or B) don't have wall space for one.

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