Renewable Energy

In renewable energy applications, various parts are provided for measurement and lamination for generator cores. Current sensing, fault/ leakage detection, modules, etc. Another special product is the active electromagnetic bearing, used in turbines for least possible friction. The BMS module used provides proper charging and discharging conditions for the batteries. The laminated flux concentrators and shields are used in the current sensor modules along with the shunt. Pml also provides a human safety relay to ensure no one gets electrocuted due to any malfunction. Permanent magnets are the main components of a generator along with the laminations which are also provided by PML.  

PML is supplying components and systems for current measurement, battery management, motors/generators, charging systems, torque and angle measurement systems, safety and automation.

Motor/ Generator Lamination Shields
Flux Concentrator Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
CAN Module Magnetic Bearing

Recent Advances:

PML has developed modules and assemblies for various applications such as intelligent battery sensors, battery monitoring systems.