About HiPerm

Hi-Perm Division of Permanent Magnets Limited is in the business of manufacturing components using high permeability Nickel: Iron (36%, 48%, 80% Ni, Mu Metal), Cobalt: Iron, Silicon: Iron Alloys. The components are made as per customers' specifications


Die-Stacked Cores and Flux Concentrators used in Electricity Energy Meters and Automotive Industry, Deep Draw Cans and other shapes for Magnetic Shielding for various applications, Toroidal Cores for low and high voltage transformers, Relay Parts for Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB) and Lamination's for high rpm motors


Our current customers are OEMs located in Europe, USA and India. We are having a preferred supplier with all and are proud to be 100% suppliers to most of them.

Our Strengths

  • Engineering - Deep technical knowledge regarding Metallurgy, Magnetic and Electrical Engineering
  • Development - Capability to select reliable vendors, suppliers and experts leading to quick product development
  • Innovation - Low cost automation and process design for low cost manufacturing
  • Quality Certification in - EMS 14001 : 2009, ISO TS 16949 : 2009, AS 9100 : 2009
  • Design - Product and Process is optimally designed making the product cost effective
  • Learning Organization - Continuous Technology upgradation due to access to prestigious institutes like IIT + HRD activities to improve skills and knowledge

PML Differentiation

PML has a policy of establishing long-term relations with the customers in a win-win situation. Some of the key factors, which give us an edge over competitor, are listed below.

  • All designs are customized as per the customer to suit his/her best needs.
  • Manufacturing base in India, which makes HIPERM cost effective.
  • As a result of a sound technology based base, the development of any product and its manufacturing is a very fast process.
  • Consistent and high quality at a competitive price.
  • Batch type small modular furnace for better quality and cost. It also helps in accommodating small and medium size orders.
  • HIPERM gives importance to listening to the customer needs and coming out with a solution beneficial to customer.
  • Access to prestigious institutions resources like IIT, which helps in continual development and improvement.


PML has a Technical tie-up with:
  • Melexis, Switzerland - for ferromagnetic cores / shields for current sensing applications and also torque sensor application
  • Maglab, Switzerland - for design optimization and simulation