About Shunt


Shunts are precision parts commonly used for measuring current in KWH in Electronic meters. Precision shunts are also used in electric vehicles and other applications like invertors, etc.

PML manufactures following types of shunts:

  • Full Manganin shunt: These are preferred when the total length of shunt is smaller than 30mm. Advantages are short lead time for development & relatively lower costs.

  • Electron beam (EB) Welded Shunts: Preferred when the shunt length is over 30mm, hence only the central portion (measuring element for voltage drop) in Manganin which EB on both sides to copper. Advantages are lower costs & the design itself consumes much less current than the full manganin design. For such type, since each design is specific to a customer, stocking policy needs to be properly defined since leftover cannot be used for other designs.

  • Manganin shunts for Electric vehicles (EV): Shunts used in EV are very important because the customer gets a direct ready of battery % charge remaining in the dashboard panel. Any error in measurement or display of charge can lead to sudden breakdown of the EV. PML has been closely associated in design shunts used in Electric vehicles where shunts has to peak current load of upto 550A. These precision shunts can be designed upto ± 1% of nominal resistance values.

  • Manganin or CuNi44 shunt for PCB: These are wire shunt directly mounted on PCB’s for measuring current. PML can supply such manganin or CuNi44 wire shunt based on customer designs. We have in house expertise for developing the tooling for any shapes.

The infrastructure available at PML includes:

  • 20 Resistance welding machines

  • 10 soldering stations with central exhaust system.

  • In house tool room to cater to welding & other production fixtures.

  • 4 precision micro ohm resistance measurement units.

  • Computer aided Profile projector.

  • Experienced team of engineers & technicians to manage production & new challenges.

  • Separately demarcated production lines for customer requiring RoHS compliance.

  • ISO 9001 certified.