Nano crystalline cores for Current Transformer

Product Description

Nano cores with plastic case Core-4Cores-1 Nano cores with epoxy coating

Nano crystalline soft magnetic material is a new development. The material composition is 82% iron with the remaining balance silicon, boron, niobium, copper, carbon, molybdenum, and nickel. The raw material is manufactured and supplied in an amorphous state. It is recrystallized into a precise mix of amorphous and Nano crystalline phases when annealed, giving the material it's unique magnetic properties.

Comparing with the traditional core material, such as silicon steel and perm alloy, Iron based nano crystalline alloy takes the advantage of high permeability and low cost, and is thus more competitive in the application of precise current transformer with 0.2, 0.2s, and 0.1 accuracy class.This material has the best overall performance over a broad range of frequencies when compared to other available materials. It's relatively high saturation flux density, combined with its incredible low loss and high permeability through a wide frequency range, makes it useful in many applications

Process Description

PML have the facility to make cores of various sizes in nano crystalline and amorphous material with ribbon thickness 25-35 microns. The cores are made on automatic core winding machine to give very high production rate. The cores are finally heat treated in controlled atmosphere in our high tech furnace to achieve optimum material performance. Later cores are then plastic encapsulated or epoxy coated as per the customer requirement and tested 100% for quality performance on core sorting machines and dispatched.

“ Our Range of standard Core sizes in Plastic core casing ”

Advantages of nano crystalline alloy core

  • High permeability: smaller error in the measurement of current
  • High saturation Induction: smaller size and lighter weight
  • Excellent thermal stability: Can work at -55~130oC for a long time
  • Low cost: Ideal for replacing commercial perm alloy cores

Core Ordering Guide:

  • Cores ordered with strip widths of 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25mm & 30mm, eliminate the need for slitting, as the material is supplied in these standard sizes from our supplier.
  • Bare Core Dimensions: Outside Diameter Of cores x Inside Diameter of Cores x Height of core.Final core Dimensions after plastic case or epoxy coating: Outside Diameter Of cores x Inside Diameter of Cores x Height of core(Note: Inner Dia. Of the core is critical, since a special mandrel is required to be made to match the I.D with floating O.D. Hence check for the standard available I.D range)
  • Core Material Specifications (Only Nano or Only Amorphous or Nano crystalline + Amorphous Hybrid.
  • Material initial Permeability >80,000 or <=30,000
  • Performance parameters Minimum AL value required at freq XX? and voltage XX?Or Output XX? mV at XX?mA current, please also mention no of turns, frequency and load in Ohms.
  • Core casing : Plastic case encapsulation details or Epoxy coating details.
Material Properties
Properties Nano
Bs (Tesla) 1.25 1.56
Br (Tesla) 0.6 ~ 0.7 0.8
μ i(min) at 50Hz and Hmax = 0.8mA/cm >80,000 >1100(at 1000Hz)
μ max(min) at 50 Hz >2,00,000 -
Hc(max) (A/m) 0.8 4
Core loss(max)(W/kg) at 50Hz 0.5 0.5
(Atomic %)
%Fe Balance % Balance %
%Cu 1% 0%
%Nb 3% 0%
%Si 13.5% to 15.5% 13.5% to 15.5%
%B 6% to 8% 6% to 8%
Curie Temp (oC) 560 410
Density (gmslcc) 7.2 7.2
Resistivity (μ.Ω.cm) 130 130
Working (max allowed temperature in
degree C)
130 130


  • For CTS used in 0.5, 0.2, 0.2S class energy meters
  • High linearity CTS of 0.5 class.
  • High frequency or broadband transformers
  • Broadband current sensors
  • High frequency filter chokes (inductors)
  • Pulse transformers

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