Multi Magnetic Holders



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Magnetic Cup Holder (HM 10) - Rs. 315/-

Keep your favourite beverage at hand...Hold insulated mugs, hot or cold containers, aluminum cans and fountain cups. Also handy for keeping cans, spray paints, lubricants, pens, pencils and small tools within Measure of 4.625" tall x 3.5" dia. Holds containers up to 3.25” dia. at base.

Can be attached on any ferrous material 

Magnetic Cup Holder-HM10

Magnetic Socket Holder - 11" (HD 10) - Rs. 445/-

With special step-style arrangement. Movable upon request and can accommodate about 16 pieces sockets with size varying from 1/4" Dr - 3/8" Dr.This magnetized design can prevent sockets from falling, also it strengthens the backboard, so it is quite convenient to move the fasten position.

Magnetic Socket Holder-HD10

Magnetic Screwdriver Holder - 11" (HS 10) - Rs. 455/-

With two rows of screwdriver holes. Movable upon request and can accommodate 9 pcs screwdrivers.Attach aside the tool cabinet and spare space. This independent set can arrange screwdrivers and keeps them organized and handy.

Magnetic Screwdriver Holder-HS10

Magnetic Box (SB 10) - Rs. 1,600/-

  • Quick,easy access to tools
  • Perfect for use on almost any metal surface
  • Rubber coated magnets protect from scratching
  • Size: (L)190mm x (W) 115 mm x (H) 160 mm
  • Load Capacity 10 lbs
Magnetic Box-SB_10

Magnetic Wrecking Bar Holder (WH 10) - Rs. 350/-

  • Can hold small tools such as spanners, hammers and screwdrivers
  • Size: 150mm X 76mm (LXW)
  • Rubberized cushioned magnets prevents scratches
Magnetic Box-SB_10

Magnetic Impact Wrench Holder (IH 10) - Rs. 1,290/-

  • Movable magnetic tool holder with multi-function, which is especially designed for motor repair tools
  • Designed to hold Air Impact Wrench / Torque Wrench Impact Sockets etc.
  • The Angle of Torque Wrench holder can be adjusted
  • Size: (H)400mm x (W)94mm x (T)120mm
  • Load capacity 20lbs
Magnetic Impact Wrench Holder -IH10