Magnetic Roller Separator

Product Description

Magnetic Roller Separators are specially designed high intensity magnetic separators which are widely used in chemical, mineral Food, ceramic, silica / Quartz industries. The magnetic roller is made by using strong high intensity NdFeb magnets & other magnetic flux conducting material.

Magnetic roller separator is recommended to process the materials where iron contamination in input material are already low & one wish to lower it further for higher production rates. It can separate even the micron size Iron particles effectively.

These are also recommended to separate feeble magnetic material. Magnetic roller can deliver peak flux density of 12000 Gauss value on it’s surface & peak 11000 Gauss value on 0.4mm thick kevlar belt. As it is a self cleaning magnetic system it reduces the man power required during operation & hence increases the productivity.


Construction of Roller Separator

The magnetic roller separator mainly comprises of feed hopper, vibratory flow controller, magnetic roll, Kevlar belt, tail pulley, gear drive, discharge chute, M.S housing etc. Please refer the attached image. Vibratory flow controller helps to control the flow of material as per requirement. The magnetic roller assembly consists of one magnetic roller, tail pulley & Kevlar belt. Each tail pulley is driven by directly shaft mounted gear drive.

There can be multiple roller assemblies arranged one above the other to make multistage system. There is a splitter at the end of each magnetic roller to separate magnetic & non magnetic material. The entire roll assembly along with the cantilever arm, along with the other parts and subsystems are mounted on a rigid heavy duty rectangular tube structure. Entire machines has got a M S paneling duly powder coated and is provided with outlet for dust collection.

Working Principle

Put ON all stages of assemblies starting from bottom assembly first & then middle & then top. Start the vibratory feeder & regulate the flow of material through hopper outlet. Synchronize the RPM of all stages of assembly with VFD unit with that of vibratory feeder for smooth uniform layered material flow over the rollers.

The rotating magnetic roller separates the iron contamination from the material with the help of splitter. The iron contamination can be collected in a tray. The good material can be collected in the bags from the discharge chute. As it is a self cleaning magnetic system it reduces the man power required during operation & hence increases the productivity.

Product Features

  • High magnetic intensity.
  • Adjustable feed rate, roll speed and splitter position.
  • Quick belt change design.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Kevlar make food grade buttoned belt with tracking and tension system.